Daddy Sam Wanted to be a Cowboy...

Riding atop a stagecoach from Virginia to West Texas back in 1883, 16-year-old Sam Oglesby lost his hat to the wind. After arriving in the tiny town of Mertzon, he bought a cowboy hat with his last five dollars from a young woman at the general store.

It was a life-changing transaction. Two years later Sam mortgaged his horse to pay for two train tickets to San Angelo, where he and the pretty shop clerk made their way to the courthouse to elope. The judge stopped a trial to accommodate them and the jurors served as witnesses. Then the newlyweds went home to face her disconcerted parents.

Somehow it all worked out. The cowboy and his wife Caledonia (we call her Grandoney) were married for over 60 years and raised eight children on a ranch with no running water and no electricity. Over time the daring Sam Oglesby became known as Daddy Sam and his Bar-B-Que sawce became the talk of the county.

Carefully nurtured through four generations, this great sawce is now available to you. Today, the Oglesby family makes Daddy Sam’s recipe just like back on the ranch — with all natural ingredients. We hope you like it. Just slop it on!

Our Sawces

Daddy Sam’s Ginger Jalapeño Bar-B-Que Sawce

For those who want a bit more heat! We added ginger puree and more jalapeños to give Daddy Sam’s that zesty, hearty, and full-bodied flavor. Amazing on ribs, of course, and your favorite cuts of meat but try it on vegetables too!

Daddy Sam’s Salmon & Seafood Glaze

We added lime and ginger to Daddy Sam's for those who love seafood! Add variety to your favorite seafood dishes with Daddy Sam's Salmon & Seafood Glaze. You'll be amazed at the great flavors this glaze brings out in salmon, shrimp, scallops or any other catch of the day!

The Original Recipe!

This award-winning sauce is full-flavored and versatile. Sweet and tangy with a little kick at the end. Daddy Sam’s All-Natural Bar-B-Que Sawce is molasses and vinegar based with mellow natural mesquite smoke to round it off. Just Slop It On!

We Only Add Flavor! Every jar of Daddy Sam’s is made with quality ingredients and is certified kosher and certified gluten free as well as vegan and non-gmo compliant. Just Slop It On!

• No Artificial Flavors
• No Artificial Preservatives
• No Artificial Thickeners
• No Added Water

• No High Fructose Corn Syrup
• No MSG
• No Gluten
• No Dairy or Eggs

• No Tree Nuts or Peanuts
• No Fat or Cholesterol
• No Soy or Crustaceans