Ginger Jalapeño Poppers

What You Need:

Daddy Sam’s Ginger Jalapeño Bar-B-Que Sawce

Jalapeños Galore!

Your Favorite Bacon-Cooked

Cream Cheese or Your Favorite Melty Cheese


What you do:

Wash and cut off the tops of the jalapeños. Take out the seeds and interior of the peppers so you can stuff them. Leave a few seeds if you like it a bit hotter!


Stuff the peppers with cooked bacon, cheese, and pour in a bit of Daddy Sam's Ginger Jalapeno Sawce.

Place the peppers on the grill and turn once when the peppers are softening. Brush on Daddy Sam's after you turn them.


When the peppers are soft and you have nice grill marks on them, remove to a platter and let them cool. Serve with more Daddy Sam's for dipping.


What to try:

Try any kind of pepper you like. You don't have anything to prove! You can also try baking them in the oven or frying in the skillet.